Choose make-up for the photo session in Dubai


Choose make-up for the photo session in Dubai



Photo session is always a very important event which demand detailed preparation: an image, a place, style. If the atmosphere and occasion become more special, anxiety about successful photo session becomes higher. Of course if this photo session takes place in the UAE where everything is saturated with the sea, the sun and positive, so you have to prepare well instead of arguing. Let’s study which make-up you have to choose for your photo session.


1. Day ‘natural’ make-up


Such kind of make-up differs by its simplicity and lightness. It seems that one didn’t use any shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, but in reality one chose successfully shades and palettes. So, for such make-up you need toner, powder, beige shadows (a little bit darker than the tone of your face) and transparent lip gloss. You can use cream mat lipstick which gives a light pink colour, instead of liquid lip gloss. It will be better if it’s a simple lip balm – it’s good and it gives the necessary effect.


It’s useless to advise something special about colour spectrum, you see by yourself what kind of skin you have and what is necessary to make the tone even and to remove the shine. Such make-up is good for the family photo session, day photo session against the background of the sea or during the walk seeing city sights. A professional photographer Galina Plevako has huge experience in such photo sessions that’s why you haven’t to worry about anything.


2. Evening ‘smoky eyes’ make-up


Every woman has heard about it, this is a widely-spread kind of make-up. But it’s important not to make any mistakes here. You have to make the accent either on eyes or lips, the extreme can be vulgar. For the right make-up in such style as ‘smoky eyes’ you have to highlight the eye area making it mysterious and passionate. Choose the shadows of two contrasting tones – dark chocolate and light beige, rich plum and delicate pink tint, bright blue and cold white. Such idea of the image is good for the photo session during and after the sunset, in luxurious restaurant, the light should be warm but not too bright. Don’t forget to walk along night streets where there are a lot of lights which will be as stars on your photos or they will give a bokhe effect – fuzzy circles.


3. Model ‘exotic flower’ make-up


When you look on the pages of fashion magazines you see the girls with the make-up of different colours. Don’t judge – this is a conscious decision of the photographer and the stylist. Look closely several bright tints look so organic flowing smoothly from one to another so you want to make your photos in such style. So, note that such make-up successfully and organically fit into photo sessions in the UAE or in another hot and exotic countries.


The important element is fuchsia lipstick or a lip gloss and blue, yellow and pink shadows. Having such style it’s necessary to make photo session in some unusual park with exotic blooming plants. The atmosphere has to be bright. However, the professional and experienced photographer Galina Plevako can find the optimal background and “scenery”.


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