A formula of an ideal beach photo


A formula of an ideal beach photo



A topic which inspires to create masterpieces is a beautiful girl on the shore. There are a lot of photo sessions on the shore in Dubai where there are a lot of beautiful beaches. At first sight, Dubai clean beach, blue sea waves and the sparkling sun seem to create a formula of the successful photo. But it isn’t so simple. Either the sun or the sea can be crafty enemies for an inexperienced photographer. Just a professional one can control them and create masterpieces full of natural beauty.


A photo on the beach: how to choose the place and time correctly?


Galina Plevako the professional photographer in Dubai creates great photos on the beach. She got used to working with the sun and she knows that it should be always behind the photographer’s back but not in front of him/her, otherwise, a model’s silhouette will be darkened. The sun is good in early morning and in the afternoon. Undoubtedly, beautiful and romantic photos can be made at sunset.


Among beginner photographers’ delusions there is one “myth about neat frame”. There shouldn’t be any outside objects first of all there shouldn’t be people in the background. But not all objects are outside. A bright chaise longue, an umbrella, a palm makes the topic of the photo more interesting. Besides, the professional photographer in Dubai can use Burj Al Arab or ultra-modern multistoried buildings in the background skillfully.


A photo on the beach: how to prepare a model?


A photo session in the Dubai is a great addition to you holiday. That’s why a model is in a good mood. But there are several nuances about her appearance. They say that sunburnt blondes look more attractive on the beach. It’s a disputable issue concerning blondes. A model with any hair colour can look perfectly well on the shore. A professional approach is important in this situation. But the model’s skin should have nice tan. It’s naturally and harmonious.


The professional photographer in Dubai can choose a good foreshortening. Besides, an expression has great importance. A sea and a beach is relax, harmony, inner beauty or energy, dynamics. A model’s expression, his/her posture should accentuate the photographer’s artistic plan so there will be a great beach photo and this photo session in the UAE will be a bright trait in the model’s portfolio.



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