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Good day! My name is Plevako Galina and I am a professional photographer in Dubai. Making beautiful and quality photos is not just a hobby or work, it’s my passion. I try to make each new picture unique, inimitable and bright, to show advantages and to hide obvious defects as much as possible so that the customer should be satisfied with himself/ herself and my work.

Art of statics
Beautifully taken photos are not just an episode of life imprinted in the statics, but a real piece of art making it possible to keep the memory about major events of your life for years. Modern equipment and techniques of making and processing photographs enable any person to feel as a real photo model and to imprint his/her image so as it is imagined in dreams and fantasies.
The only difficulty is to find a highly professional photographer, who would be able to implement all these ideas. Many people have digital and professional cameras, but even their availability does not give the right to call oneself a photographer as not only basic knowledge of photo arts is needed for that purpose but also a certain talent not many possess. For that very reason, if you want to find a really professional photographer in Dubai — call me!

My services:
- live event shot;
- lovestory;
- still-life shot;
- family and children photo;
- photos of expectant mothers;
- wedding photo session;

A bit more information:
- One of the services mostly in demand, which are provided by my studio, is making a portfolio for representatives of creative professions, model business and simply those who want to use his/her potential in a new image.
- LoveStory in Dubai is a perfect present for a beloved one.
- Romantic photos of a couple in love against a background of an extremely beautiful nature, sandy beaches with a view of "BurjAlArab" and other beautiful sights of the UAE will give you a storm of positive emotions and leave memories for the whole your life.
- Children photos: succeed to photograph the best years of your child’s life. Photos on the street or in the studio, in the costumes of heroes of famous tales and animated cartoons— all that will make the child happy and mother and father will be able to create their family album, which later can be reviewed in the family circle.
- Photos of expectant mother: you have only 9 months to succeed to keep in your memory that wonderful time of expecting the baby’s birth. Any pregnant girl looks beautiful and elegant in her own way and pictures of her turn out to be moving and emotional.
If you never happened to be in a professional photo studio before, do not worry as I always can help you in that. Before start making photos we will discuss all the main nuances of taking pictures as well as choose the most appropriate image, environment, costumes, make-up etc.

Would you like already to order services of photographer in Dubai? Then call right now:

Telephone +971 58 952 3126

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