Photo as a gift: a photo before and after


Photo as a gift: a photo before and after



To make original gifts today – is not only fashionably, prestigious or appropriate. It’s interesting to that people who makes them and to those whom this gift is addressed. Photo session and a photo have to do with this category of exclusive unusual gifts. And above all - individual and special that is valued in our fussy world. Let’s think how to organize a photo session and to give the result to the owner so that it will be in a different way…


Simple exotic


If you are going to visit the United Arab Emirates so it’s a chance for you and your companion to leave the moments of happiness as a gift. Galina Plevako a popular photographer in Dubai among our tourists will do excellently this creative work. You can’t worry about the foreshortening, light, background it will be done by a real specialist. You have to think about the topic. What about black-and-white story? It’s the most frequent phenomenon among the photographers who tried everything and returned to the old ways and sepia. The colors of the nature, which surrounds you during your photo session, are lost but there is the character of the photo, its style. And it’s very important.


Romance through the bokh’s prism


What is bokh’s prism? In simple words these are watered down circles on the background which ensure light, it’s like evening shine. So, masters of the photo accustomed to create not only circles but also hearts, stars and also firs (but it’s thematically). If this photo session is a gift for a girl so such additional effect in the photo will be a pleasant bonus. You have just wait for the evening, find the best place with the light (evening streets, an amusement park, a restaurant) and enjoy you happiness.


Photo processing is brilliant’s sides


One can make a real picture from a simple photo with its sense and philosophy. In this case this photo becomes a drawn portrait or a fantastic poster. A good photographer in Dubai can find his or her bearings on the ground and take into account all nuances to hit the bull's-eye. A gift can be not only the whole photo session but also specially chosen and processed photos. It can be printed on a big sheet and placed in a frame under the glass. Is it banal? Not at all! Because it’s memory, it’s a thing which we look on and we are glad when we remember it. Because any gift have to give pleasure…


As you see a photo gives unlimited facilities. It’s either a gift or memory or an opportunity to show you creative abilities, Galina Plevako as an experienced photographer will allow you to be an actor, a goddess or just an angel. And you will be that part which joined the chain and which gave that simple human happiness to a close person.


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