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Photo session in the UAE: on the opposite side if the… Earth


In the midland the summer is about to finish but in Dubai it is at its height. Hot sun lights brightly the waters of the Persian gulf and in the distance they seem to be bright blue and near the coast totally white. Look around and listen to the language of nature. Here it speaks to you the language of fairy tale.


A professional photographer in Dubai hears the language of nature and creates illustrations to your fairy tale. Here is a couple going down a magical stairs and here they are walking along the fantastic garden. There are different flowers. Bright colors, rich grass, cloudless sky.


And here is a young lady in the form of a fairy-tale fairy. To order a photo session in the UAE is like to act in a short film. You can realize any wish: to be an enchantress, a mysterious stranger, an oriental beauty, a dancer, a favourite of fortune or a participant of the drama. Remember your childhood. Every girl dreamt to be a princess and every boy dreamt to be a knight .


And you understand as children are happy to play this game. Look: here is a small policeman who gets an urgent task by the phone, a fearless warrior came to fight in the desert with a genie and here are two curly angels who are ready to soar above the azure sea with white horses. You will have what to show to your friends and to remember in the winter evening.


Special harmony is family photos which are made by a professional photographer in Dubai. They say if we can look into each other’s eyes and see there a question, peace or happiness we become happier. Young mother, father and little I. Looked into each other’s eyes, smiled, attention I’m shooting! Show your photos to your child and you will see how happy he will be. Especially, if you are together in the photo. Such experience can teach and enrich your life. Enrich with happy and unforgettable minutes. Teach to be kinder and happier.


Nature is an enchantress. As if it covers you with the transparent fantastic veil and slows down the time. You slowly move from the seashore to the palms, flowers, oriental palaces and fountains.


Water is streaming and minutes together with it run away, in each of them there is its own mystery. A professional photographer in Dubai is watching you through the lens of the camera and makes small miracle  -  leaves your happy minutes of a long memory.

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