A trip to the UAE: a photo session in Dubai as the best souvenir


A trip to the UAE: a photo session in Dubai as the best souvenir



It doesn’t matter what has made you to visit the Emirates either a family holiday or a wedding trip or sport, as soon as you come here you’ll certainly want to leave a piece of this exotic summer in memory. A beautiful photo will be better than any magnet or a key ring.


Best places for the photo session in Dubai


The scenery is the main thing for the original photo. We offer you to choose the following sights from the most famous ones in the UAE:


-          the water park “Wild Wadi”, a place where it is always cheerfully and one can spend time and take happy photos ;

-          the aquarium in Dubai is the continuation of water theme but with some shade of fantasy and even romance. Being under the water don’t forget to take a couple of photos among different fishes and other sea inhabitants;

-          the mosque Jumeirah is the most popular historical place which attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. And if you can visit one of the main historical buildings in the UAE so you have to take a photo of it;

-          the musical fountain in Dubai for most people who have seen it live it became the eighth miracle of the world. Tourists like taking photos on the background of this fountain which becomes especially popular in the evening;

-          beaches of the Emirates. Of course it is the most simple and effective way to get exotic photo. And if you think a little bit and add flowers, bright details of the clothes and unusual things to the image, so the photo will be perfect. The professional photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako will provide such result.


How to diversify the photo session


There are a lot of ways to create a stylish photo. Let’s consider some of them.


-          exotic flowers. For girls this focus is always successful. Unusual bright buds plaited into hair or compositions as garlands will allow to create the necessary accent;

-          light fabrics. Silk shawls fluttering in the wind and clothes with bright tones are classical things for the photo session. Such way is good for the wedding photo session in Dubai,  couples, in this occasion, have to choose clothes of white, blue, yellow, violet tones;

-          unusual things in the photo. For example soft easy chairs on the beach, big candles and torches along the shoreline, picture frames in barocco style. Maybe such things are unusual at first sight but in some styles of the photo session they play an important role.


However there is one more detail which is the most important of all described above – this is happiness in eyes and smile. Nothing can substitute the components during the photo session. Smile often and enjoy your life!

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