Winter – it’s time to go to hot countries


Winter – it’s time to go to hot countries



It’s cold and for someone it’s snow time, warm rug and festive mood. But for most people it’s time of holidays in hot countries, one of such countries is the UAE. There is warm sea, sandy beaches, plenty of entertainment and of course great memories and new discoveries the whole year round.


New Year under the sun


Now snow, salad “Olivie” and jellied fish isn’t the main thing at new year’s holidays. The main thing is that you have to have fun and feel comfortable. And one of the gifts for you and your relatives can be a photo session in the Dubai. Because another year passes, we remember good things, leave bad ones and get ready for the best. And our relatives and friends are with us during this time and our hearts are full of happiness. It’s the perfect photo for your photo album!


And if you want the story be maximum original, you can make a masquerade on the shore – Santa Claus in the beach shorts and in a cap and Snow Maiden in a bright blue swimsuit. For children we can make unusual bright images of sea inhabitants, make children’s body-art. It’s unusual and our way. Make unforgettable holiday for you and your family in spite of the climate.


Celebrate New Year with friends


Why not to get together and to celebrate the main holiday in the year in the Emirates? Don’t forget to make a gift for yourself and to have a joint photo session. Decorate the artificial Christmas tree, dress as superheroes and snowflakes and have fun as in your childhood. The singularity of the scenery will add some special atmosphere to every frame and naturalness and spontaneity of the participants will make every photo positive.


There won’t be any problems in searching the professional photographer Dubai– photo session with Galina Plevako will be with positive emotions and nice impression. It’s better to have a photo session in the open air. Contrasting colours of the costumes go with blue water and golden sand. Many-coloured tinsel, exotic fruits and cocktails will supplement the picture. In the evening make the discotheque on the beach. Decorate the place with electric garlands, choose them music and have fun! Fun – is the most natural that can be in your life and is a great thing for the photo session.


Once in your life you have to change the place, not to break but correct your habits and rules to feel something new, unusual and joyful. You can make repairs, buy a new dress or go to Dubai and make memorable photos about how unusual you celebrated New Year.

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