Eastern photo session in Dubai


Eastern photo session in Dubai

Eastern fairy tale on the verge of reality: photo session in Dubai



Dubai, which is situated on the south shore of Persian Gulf, has old eastern history, rich magnificence of the present and future of the whole Arabic culture. It is the gem of modern civilization, an ultra-modern and developing city with beautiful architecture and picturesque places is for rest for your soul.


Eastern photo session in Dubai is a bright and hot adventure. An ideal place for it is Dubai! A lot of old and modern buildings attract not only tourists but also famous photographers. But if one adds refined taste of East to an ordinary photo session, one will get something impressive and unimaginable!


Undoubtedly, Eastern photo session in Dubai will justify even the most brave and refined taste of photo lovers. The professional photographer in the Dubai Galina Plevako will help the Arabic fairy tale to come true. Real talent, original artistic view and creative approach will make your photos unforgettable!


Costumes and scenery. The scenery in Dubai is so numerous that one doesn't know where to look first because of city architecture greatness. A woman in a long coloured ethnic dress and a man in white kandura and gutra will look great against a background of old buildings and picturesque city landscapes.


The photo session in Dubai can be hold against the background of the city trademark the tower Burj Khalifa the most highest building in the world and also in the Village of pearl divers in the historical and ethnographic village.


An outdoor photo session in Dubai is a great opportunity to take a photo against the background of Arabian Desert magnificence and mysteriousness during your night walk. Exclusive and stylized photo session against the background of sand dunes will surprise with its originality.


Eastern photo session attracts with its fantastic fairy tale and it gives boundless flight of fancy for bright images and unforgettable impressions. Richness of culture rites and traditions will give you enthusiastic mood and as a result you will get great photos.


Moments of life are invaluable!


Save memory about unforgettable holiday in Dubai and order a photo session in oriental style and bright impressions from East will stay in your life forever!

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