A family photo session in Dubai: a bright gift from the Emirates

A family photo session in Dubai: a bright gift from the Emirates

Family is the most sacred thing that every person has. We try to pay as more attention as possible and whenever we are, we always return home. And we try to make every family trip bright and unforgettable, because these are invaluable minutes, when everybody are together and everybody are happy and one can forget about everything! The United Arab Emirates is a fairyland where everything surprises by its luxurious decoration, by riches of service and fantastic nature. From all tropical counties the UAE is the best place for family holidays.

Rich excursion programs will be changed by comfortable hotel rooms accompanied by sultry Asian sun. You will want this holiday lasts forever but in several days or weeks your trip finishes and you should return home. What will you have as memory about the Emirates? Nice souvenirs, lively memory, impression… but, you will probably wish more! 

A professional family photo session will help you to keep in memory the most bright moments of your tourist trip to the UAE. There are a lot of interesting places in Dubai which are good for your photo session! A professional photographer Galina Plevako has been living and working in the Emirates for a long time, and she shared the peculiarities of the family photo session in Dubai.

A family photo session in Dubai can be either in the nature or in the studio. In this case a good photographer should have his/her own studio (or it can be rented) and of course he/she should have several places for a quite photo session. As a rule, a family photo session in the studio is good for portrait photography. A photographer take great frames in the studio, this is the best place for a stylized photo session for a child and a photo session for pregnant in Dubai.

A family photo session in Dubai against the background of the country views will be more colorful and beautiful. A lot of views, static and dynamic frames, a stage photo and next to it date palms (there are more them here than the maples in our country), solemnly white sand, rich lawns. Often, the object of the family photo session in Dubai is creation of family history where each frame will have a story and can tell about this family more than anything else.

Which story can have a family photo session in Dubai? It can be the story of the couple meeting, romantic photo session, waiting for a baby, baby’s first steps. Usually, a family photo session is stylized as “a story”, supposes a work with different costumes or things. Especially it concerns children though parents also can participate in this action.

Also we want to tell you about the photo session for pregnant in Dubai. A period of waiting for a baby, couples prefer to devote to travelling and good rest, realizing that after baby’s birth they won’t have such opportunity for a long time. A family photo session for pregnant in Dubai is a beautiful event in which not only mother but also a father of the future baby can participate.

Galina gives some pieces of advice for you what to prepare for a photo session.

A family photo session together in Dubai

If a couple had just married or maybe the trip to the Emirates is their first joint trip – a family photo session will be a great addition to the tourist program. It is necessary for your photo session: 

-           To chose a place and an image;

-           To prepare props – retro accessories, flowers and so on.

-           To take comfortable shoes, if your photo session will be in the nature.

A family photo session for pregnant in Dubai.

Pregnant should prepare for a photo session in advance. What is necessary to take?

-           If a photo session is in the studio, take beautiful underwear – 2 sets;

-           Toys;

-           Children clothes;

-           Colors for drawing on the body (if you wish to take a photo of body-art).

A family photo session with children in Dubai.

Families with children should think over which is the best place for a photo session and which images will be the best for it. What is necessary:

-           Costumes for children:

-           Toys:

-           Props for adults.

You can order a photo session from Galina Plevako and get pleasure during the photo session and after it.  http://plevakogalina.com/node/38

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