Genre photo session in Dubai from a professional photographer Galina Plevako


Genre photo session in Dubai from a professional photographer Galina Plevako


 Pending the spring when there is snow, mud and slush in the street, we plunge into our dreams about eternal… About hot countries with everlasting summer, where you can forget about mundane problems on warm sand and under the sun rays. The UAE is a country of everlasting summer, the breathtaking sight of Arabic fairy tale which is opened for you 365 days a year. You shouldn’t wait several months till calendar summer, buy a travel tour to Dubai today.


 There are amazing landscapes, unique architecture, luxurious beaches and… one of the best professional photographers – Galina Plevako. She works in different genres and holds either exit or studio photo sessions in her own studio.


 A tour to the Emirates will be a memorable event in your life if you afford to make an exclusive gift – a genre photo session in Dubai! You can order a photo session in the studio in such genres:


 ?         Love Story;


?         Model’s portfolio;


?         Family photo session;


?         Child’s photo session;


?         Photo session in genre art-nu;


?         Photo session for pregnant;


?         Advertising photo session;


?         Reportage photo session;


?         Art project session.


 Do you think beginner photographers can offer to you all these genres? Instead of the background there is dingy wallpaper and sand and palms will be drawn in the photoshop. Do you really want such photo session? It’s high time you made your dreams come true! Order any genre photo session in Dubai from a professional photographer Galina Plevako. What do you need for it?


1.         To apply to Galina with the help of the contact form on the website;


2.         To arrange for the dates of the genre photo session in Dubai;


3.         To discuss the themes of you photo session, to prepare props;


4.         To arrange for the place of your meeting;


5.         To leave your contact information.


 Galina and her executives are waiting for you in Dubai! Undoubtedly, you will like collaboration with Galina because she will become your personal photographer, consultant and guide during the photo session. Communication in your native language will help you to find a common language and understanding. A professional photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako can advise you interesting places for exit photo session. What do you need to prepare? The list of the necessary props is discussed depending on the genre and the format of your photo session.


 If the matter is photo session in genre Love Story, so you don’t need any props, the main thing is your good mood and kind feelings toward each other. Photo session with kids is repeated change of clothes, funny costumes, toys. Model photo session, photo session in nu genre is professional make-up, beautiful lingerie and clothes. Advertising and reportage photo session is discussed separately. Family photo session and photo session for pregnant don’t need a lot of accessories.


 You will be helped to express your ego, to show your best sides and to get rid of bored hand-ups by genre photo session from the professional photographer Galina Plevako! You have unique possibility to see and to hold photo session of your dream in Dubai!

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