Holidays in Dubai: the best places for a photo session


Holidays in Dubai: the best places for a photo session


The United Arab Emirates is a paradise for tourists from around the world. This is one of the brightest, riches and attractive countries of the Arabian peninsula. This country is one of the most democratic among the Muslim statesб that’s why everybody can visit the United Arab Emirates. The country of sheikhs and nowadays 7 Emirates are represented not only by the amazing nature beauty but also by the ultra-modern architecture buildings, high-level service, developed infrastructure and amazing places for the rest.


A trip to the capital – Dubai will be your brightest memory. To remember how it was, how you were happy those days, you can order a professional Russian-speaking photographer for a photo session in Dubai. Landscape and portrait, fictional, studio and wedding photo sessions this isn’t the whole list of genres which uses a professional photographer in Dubai, Galina Plevako.


I will carry out a photo session for you in Dubai in the most beautiful and memorable places with pleasure. And now let’s speak a little bit about famous and little known places of the United Arab Emirates, where I can carry out a tourist photo session.


The best places in Dubai for a photo session


Ski Dubai. Do you think that the Emirates is only the sun, palms and camels? You were mistaken! The Emirates is a huge sheltered ski resort Ski Dubai, which is situated on 5 slopes. It’s a real paradise for snowboarders! The lovers of active rest will enjoy and take lovely photos. For children there is a snow park with an area of ??3000 square meters.


Burj Al-Arab. This famous hotel, built on the island in the Persian Gulf and has a look of a sail is a visiting card of the country. If to live in the hotel of the 7th standard is more than you can afford, so everybody can afford to have an excursion and to organize a professional photo session. There are great views and beautiful scenery for a photo.


Bab al Shams Desert Resort. Photos at the territory of this tiny hotel, made in the spirit of last centuries and luxury of sheikhs will emphasize special spirit of the country. The hotel is situated in 45 minutes from the Dubai airport. Its architecture is made in a traditional Arabic style. You can stay here and order a professional photographer for a photo session in Dubai.


Burj Dubai. To be in the United Arab Emirates without visiting the tallest architecture building in the world? No! This place is ideal for an exit photo session in Dubai. The construction of the building isn’t completed yet but there is already exists an observation deck where you can take great views.


The Palms. A photo session in Dubai on 3 artificial islands will like those who likes scenery photo. Island Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Deira which are the greatest projects are visible even from the space. Here, besides luxurious palm groves there are beaches, entertainment and some places of magnificent nature which are ideal for the photo sessions.


Dubai Fountain. Every tourist can have a professional photo session in Dubai near the famous vocal fountain. This fountain is a real work of art: its stream height is up to 150 meters, the fountain is illuminated by 50 color projectors and there is music.


Aquarium of the Dubai mall. You can see and have a photo session in the shopping and entertainment center “Dubai”near the highest aquarium in the world which contains 10 million liters. There is a tunnel for the customers, through which you can observe great sea views over the glass. There are more than 33 000 marine inhabitants. This aquarium is one of the most popular places for a photo session in Dubai.


Festival City. A festival city situated in the heart of Dubai, presented by the brightest and impressive places for the rest and photo session. There are restaurants, hotels, an amphitheatre, not far from it there is the historical quarter Bastakiya where you can take great photos in the spirit of the 19th century. A photo session in Dubai in such a unique place will leave pleasant memory.


Heritage Village. The historical-ethnographic village in the open air will take you a few centuries of the past to the city of craftsmen and weavers. A professional photo session in Dubai in this place will impress by unusual landscape. In the Heritage Village you can see ancient architectural buildings, visit the bedouin house, observe the work of local foremen.


A holiday in the United Arab Emirates and a professional photo session in Dubai is the best gift for tourists. There are more places where you can spend a good time, discover a lot of new things and take great photos. A professional photographer in Dubai, Galina Plevako, waits for you! Visit to see some of works from these places.

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