How to prepare for a photo session in Dubai?


How to prepare for a photo session in Dubai?




How to prepare for the photo session in Dubai: some pieces of advice from stylists and models



A photo session is a small holiday in the life of every young girl and woman but to make this holiday successful you should prepare for it carefully and take into account all nuances. A photo session in Dubai will be the brightest impression about this country. There are a lot of sights in Dubai. You will be probably impressed by the camel race, you can admire the lagoon of pink flamingos and have a trip along the gulf. Undoubtedly a photo session in Dubai will be the brightest event of your journey. No matter which place will be chosen for a photo session – a beach, a park or an observation deck it’s important how you will be looking in the frame.


Preparing for a photo session considers some important aspects. Some of the most important are:


The concept of a photo session. The topic, images, interior, props or other details should be thought over in advance. If the matter is a subject photo session so there should be the preparation either for a model or for a photographer. The photographer service considers subject photo session that’s why a photographer prepares the necessary light, background, gives advice on the make-up and selection of props. A model gets used to the planned surroundings – he chooses make-up and clothes.


Preparation of the model. The right preparation for a photo session is already 90% of its success. You should care about good look in advance: to have a good sleep, not to take alcoholic drinks and salty food to prevent the swelling, to tidy your hair and skin. You should think over the style of your clothes, bring suitable accessories (some hairpins, bijouterie, watch, ribbons). The psychological mood is also very important – train different looks and smiles in front of the mirror. Think about something positive but not about how well you will be looking in the frame. Emancipation and naturalness are the best friends of successful photo!


 Creation of the surroundings. A professional photographer in Dubai, Galina Plevako, will help you in creation of the necessary surroundings. If the matter is a photo session in the style of “A desert Island” you may need a swimsuit made out of improvised means, homemade beds, a hammock. If a photo session in Dubai will be in the style of “Urban romantics” so you should stress some stylish accessories, clothes, landscape. The more carefully all the details have been thought over the more a photo session idea would be depicted in the frame.


 A work in the frame. The photographer service isn’t just a work with a lens but it’s also an opportunity to be a psychologist for a time to show a person’s inner life in the photo. A photographer plays a role of a stylist, image maker, director because his primary task is to help a person to open his soul, to show his worth in unexpected images, to show his best sides. A talented photographer not only depicts different features of your appearance but also shows your character. Success of a photo session depends on common work either of a photographer or of a model. And to prepare for the first professional photo session you should definitely hold 2-3 photo tests.


How to find a professional photographer in Dubai?


Generally the photographer service in the United Arab Emirates provide men. Because in spite of the Emirates is the country with democratic manners there work no more than 25% of all women. A lot of tourists and beginner models have an inferiority complex due to talking with arab men, there are also language problems. A professional photographer in Dubai who knows Russian is a real godsend for tourists from the CIS countries.


Galina Plevako is a photographer in Dubai with an experience of many years and with a turned out portfolio. Galina holds professional photo sessions for models, tourists, married couples and she works in a variety of genres. You can carry out a great photo session and find a common language with her ! If you are looking for a professional photographer in Dubai so you have found what you have been looking for!

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