Let’s leave memory about hot countries!


Let’s leave memory about hot countries!



Beautiful exotic countries amaze by their culture but first of all they amaze by their nature. One of such countries is Arab Emirates. Blue sea, noise of waves, unusual architecture attracts tourists from all over the world. And every person wants to take a part of the hot country. The best way for it is a

professional photo session in the UAE




A photo has been staying fashionable for all this time. Technology, equipment, possibilities have changed but the idea stays prior, it’s to photograph beautiful places and happy moments. But, nevertheless, in spite of supernova technology and perfect cameras it’s necessary the equipment stays in hands of a talented person.


What kind of

photosession can be in Dubai

? You can choose day or night photosession it depends on your taste and aim. If you want bright and summer photos so you have to go to the beach when the sun is at its zenith. Maybe you think that the UAE is a romantic place? In this case magnificent sunset will help to emphasize such romanticism.



One noticed a lot of times that photos in such countries as Dubai are very bright and rich. It is due to weather - south countries are famous for everlasting summer, blue sea and bright sun. Any artificial light won’t produce such effect as sun. Water will make the photo fresh and light. That’s why don’t lose the opportunity to make a photo against a background of local landscapes.


What about sunset this is another topic of the article. To cut a long story short, maybe every person, who visited the Emirates, has a photo in which he holds the sun on his palm. This idea is used often now and they create stories using this idea. In any case the most popular composition is when all objects are on the edges of the photo. In this case all details are relative, there are no unnecessary accents and we have a full-grown artistic picture.


Do you want a portrait photosession? Without problems, a

photograph Galina Plevako

, the opinions about who confirm her creative and professional method of approaching, will help you to choose the character and palace for your photosession. She can link insignificant, at first sight, details in such way so they are the weighty part of the photo.




photosesion in Dubai

won’t be unnecessary when you go on a trip to the Emirates. Don’t forget to take a light pareo with bright colors. Such way gives more romanticism and lightness. All photographers know how wonderful looks on the photo developing silk fabric. Holding it in hands you can add your appearance tenderness.


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