A party for a company in Dubai: nice moments in photos


A party for a company in Dubai: nice moments in photos



Community of people called “friendly team” forms gradually after many days and holidays spent together. There is an opinion that joint holiday, more than common solution of working tasks, promotes the process of the team formation. Today a lot of companies choose hot and exotic places of our planet, especially Dubai for parties for company. Undoubtedly, positive emotions after such events will leave for a long time especially if a great festival and its participants are photographed.


Dubai is a colourful “picture” which one doesn’t want to forget.


A professional photographer in Dubai can catch the most bright and nice moments of the holiday when all the participants of the event show real happiness. Later, looking through the photos, employees can plunge again into positive emotions which they felt during the festival.


The UAE is the country of contrasts where the most unusual miracles of the modern world are close to the traditional bedouin’s culture. A photo session in the Dubai is a good decision for creation of different corporative photos. Amazing skyscrapers headed by Burj Khalifa, city panoramas with Burj Al Arab, the famous Dubai mall can be a great background for the photo in lounge suits. A sea shore, a desert with sand dunes, bedouins’ pavilions can be used as a frame for informal photos. Besides, the professional photographer in Dubai can make great photos in a banquet room of the hotel where there will be a holiday party.


Features of the photo session of the party for a company: several secrets


Galina Plevako, the professional photographer in Dubai has great experience in shooting different festivals. She knows how unsuccessful can be the idea about entrusting any employee with being a photographer during the party. Of course, this evening for this person will be spoiled. However, the worst thing will be the result which will inspire pity.


A photographer shooting the party should perfectly have the technique of stage and reportage photo shooting, he/she should be able to take dynamics photos and also win everybody’s favour. Party’s shooting as a photo session in the Dubai in general will be successful only with such photographer!

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