A photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako


A photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako


An original and effective photo is a unique memory for the whole life. There isn’t just an image but also emotions which can be saved for years…


The photo art consists of creation of a maximum real photo with bright moments, interesting story and unusual reality representation. But sometimes this is a fantastic story which everybody wants to visit and into which leads creative photo editing.


A professional photographer in the Dubai Galina Plevako is a talented skilful master who creates unique photo masterpieces!


What does it mean to be a professional photographer in Dubai?

  • This is talent supported by a rich and bright portfolio and by many positive references.
  • This is ability to create unique high-quality photos.
  • This is the way of life consumed with passion his/her hobby and job!


Refuse dull and bad photos in favour of original and unique ones! Only a professional photographer in the Dubai Galina Plevako can make them like that.


Main topics of art:

§  Family photo session: love story, wedding photo session, photo session of pregnant, children’s photo.

§  Reportage and studio photo session, photo session with different objects.

§  Outdoor photo session.


Photo session in Dubai is unlimited space for realization of any imagination! Great landscape in Dubai permits to create wonderful photos. For such photo session one can choose the most original topic which will accentuate model’s individuality and charisma and will make this photo session unforgettable!


You will like it! Before taking a photo, a photographer and a model have to make friends with each other, an experienced master can feel psychological mood before the photo session and will help the model to relax and to show oneself and this master will eliminate any discomfort which sometimes appears during the photo session. Selection of original sceneries, interesting topic and good foreshortening ensures great result!


For booking a photo session contact us by mentioned contacts in the appropriate section on the site. Advance consultation guarantees necessary preparation for the photo session taking into account the wishes and preferences.


You will get not only qualitative and professional photos taken by the experienced and creative master but you will enjoy this photo session in Dubai!

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