A professional photographer in Dubai: the art of the new reality


A professional photographer in Dubai: the art of the new reality


                                                                                                                                         “There are no rules of a good photo, there are just good photos…”


                                                                                                                                                                                              Ansel Adams, a photographer


I greet you, the worshippers of the photo! My name is Galina Plevako, I’m a professional photographer in Dubai and I know more about beautiful photo than you can imagine!


A professional photo is a service which earlier was accessible only for few people, nowadays everybody can use it. However, creation of high-class qualitative photos isn’t a hobby but it’s a job that requires skills and 100% efficiency. Knowing the basis of the design, colouristics, lighting, ability to work with the modern equipment and technologies and of course the talent of a photographer permits to create unique images.


To say that I love the photo is to say nothing! I live for a photo. Every time I perform the transformation of an average person into the character in the photo. Every person is unique for me my task is to convey his uniqueness to the whole world and to himself. Women often complain of appearance, body, age defects but some people know that there aren’t unattractive women! There are only bad photographers.




The photo in all its fine display: reportage, event- shooting, wedding photography or love-story, subject or interior photography, family or children photos, photo sessions for pregnant.


Images are bright and excited! Creation of an image for the model portfolio, creation of wedding image or an image for a baby is an art, a real art of transformation.


A creative method of approach while taking a photo. The ability to choose the right foreshortening as to complete the photo by the computer program is the main element of the professional photo.


Objects and landscapes. Interesting places in Dubai where we can carry out a fantastic photo session to get great impression and high-class photos.


The United Arab Emirates is an unusual and contrasting country. I will help you to understand its customs, to discover great places, to find out the habits. A professional photographer in Dubai, speaking Russian will be a real godsend for you during the trip. I’m sure that we will find a common language!


Sincerely yours, a professional photographer in Dubai, Galina Plevako. http://plevakogalina.com/node/38

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