Reportage photo in Dubai

Reportage photo in Dubai


Reportage photo session in Dubai is a memory about any memorable event for you – wedding, presentation, corporate party or some special holiday. This holiday will be photographed chronologically, each photo will be full of life, it will be dynamic and you will feel the atmosphere of ease. A photographer will show the atmosphere of the event.


Everything is natural and live in the reportage photo session. It reflects events in such way that your friends and relatives who weren’t at this party can see this event as an eyewitness and feel its unique moment. Each photo will be dynamic and full of emotions. It demands special skills of the photographer. Technical skills, experience, and above all, intuition are very important things. Quick reaction and skills to foresee the next bright moment are also necessary things. The photographer stays  inconspicuous and unobtrusive. As a result you will get the story in photos which will show natural atmosphere of the event. You shouldn’t pose for the reportage photo that, as a rule, provokes constraint and tensity.


A professional photographer Galina Plevako uses in the reportage photo session in Dubai those conditions which are exist even bad illumination doesn’t prevent her from creating amazing, full of emotional sense and full of life photos. She photographs not just people but their emotions, character. Because some time later expression reflecting your feelings, the atmosphere of the event, but not details of the surrounding will be of great importance for you. Just one look at the photo and in many years you will feel again emotions which you had at that significant moment…


Reportage photo session is hold as you wish. That’s why before the photo session one discusses details, what to stress, what is the main point in the photo session and so on.


Ordering the service “reportage photo” at Galina Plevako you will get qualitative and professionally edited photos and will keep for yourself every moment which reflects the true history of the important event for you forever. Every event is unique! They will never repeat again! Don’t let it to stay in the past irrevocably!

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