Some secrets of the professional photo session in Dubai


Some secrets of the professional photo session in Dubai


Some secrets of the professional photo session in Dubai


A beautiful professional photo is like another reality in which everybody can realize his or her courageous dreams, try on new and original forms. A professional photo permits reveal yourself, get rid of hang-ups and believe the uniqueness of his or her appearance.


Every second young girl looks at the photo from the portfolio of professional models with admiration and thinks that she will never be like they. Or she had hang-ups and every time she refuses taking photos. Such women should remember that a professional photo session will help them to overcome their hang-ups, raise their self-concept and become more self-confident.


It’s more pleasant if the first photo session will be in some exotic country, for example in the

United Arab Emirates. Galina Plevako, a professional photographer, who lives and works in this country, shared some secrets of the professional photo session in Dubai.


The first secret: all famous stars use it


You might have thought that this is make-up, visit the stylist, very expensive clothes for the photo session. Not at all! All best frames are worked up in the program, that’s why you shouldn’t worry and postpone a long-expected photo session in Dubai if you have a problem skin or some others defects. Even photos of models and famous beauties are thoroughly worked up.


The second secret: 1001 and one pose for the photo session in Dubai


The final result depends on how confidently you will be during the photo session. Of course, it’s difficult to feel experienced model at once, but you should train a little bit. In order not to fell fettered in front of the camera, you should train a little bit in front of the mirror, the day before your photo session.

It should be noted that ideal poses for a photo session is a personal question. They should be discussed taking in account age, type of figure, face features.


If you want to have a dynamic photo session in Dubai, prepare some poses which will be gradually changing one by one. A professional photographer in Dubai will help you in it. To have beautiful and natural smile, you should train it. Professional models train dozen of different emotions and remember them in front of the mirror in such way.


The third secret: make-up beautifies and hides defects

If you want your photo session in Dubai to be as colorful as on the cover of the fashion magazine, you should think over your make-up. It’s difficult to do professional make-up by herself and if you aren’t a make-up artist and the cosmetics aren’t your thing, don’t experiment. Very bright make-up will be ridiculous in the photos. What is correct make-up for a photo session? This is make-up which will be almost invisible in the photos but which will add particular features: it will hide some defects and will add sex appeal.


What to do if there isn’t any make-up artist? A professional photographer in Dubai will give you some important pieces of advice how to prepare your face and how to chose the necessary form.


The fourth secret: change of forms and masks

A photo session in Dubai with a professional photographer will be one of the brightest memories about the Emirates. That’s why you should do your best to make this photo session diverse and to try on different forms. What do you need for it?

Accessories (a hat, sunglasses, pareo, flowers, a toy or another favorite object);

Clothes (a classical summer dress, sport style, evening dress, a swimsuit and of course something eccentric);

And above all you should just “play up” to yourself and get the feel to that form in which you want to appear. Thoughtful… Happy… Strict… Romantic… Sad… Funny… A professional photographer in Dubai will help to show all sides of your actor talent.


The fifth secret: trusting relationships with the photographer

In the foreign country, among unknown places, among strangers it’s very difficult to feel comfortable and confident. Your professional photo session in Dubai can be absolute disaster if you can’t find a common language with a photographer. By the way, if you don’t speak Arabic and the local photographer can hardly speak English so it will be more difficult to seek mutual understanding. Your photo session in Dubai risks becoming as a “theatre” of one actor in which you will be an actor and the photographer will be your spectator equipped with the lens but nothing more than that.

Trusting relationships and team work between the model and the photographer is extremely important. A lot of international supermodels prefer work only with certain photographers with whom they have already formed working relationship. For a successful photo session your professional photographer in Dubai should become a director but not a passive spectator. Only under these conditions, your photo session will be successful and you will be satisfied with its results.

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