Stage photo session in Dubai

Stage photo session in Dubai


All our life is a play…

A stage photo session is a performance where actors are ordinary people and a director is a photographer.

A stage photo session is a stiff scene of the performance which show the depth of images, internal feelings of characters, their emotions.


Photographer’s attitude to the seen thing, his talent to reproduce the planned atmosphere of the photo session reflects in the stage photo session. For realization all these things a professional photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako uses the lenses, light and a lot of other things.


Show yourself during the stage photo session in Dubai, don’t hide your emotions! And even if you wear a mask make it real! Play, play and play! Photo session can’t be without dramatic concept – play with you face and body! Feel yourself as an actor, you are on the stage where everyone can be an actor and your photos will prove it! A stage photo session is a performance of any scene from life, this is depiction of real emotions, feelings… everything is real – real tears, real joy…


Remember a theatre where actors play and they play in such way that it’s impossible not to admire their talented play. The most successful photos those where the face “works”. Play with your face, coquet with the camera, play with your eyes bacuase your eyes show state of your soul, internal world, mood. Every performance changes you, you change – your life changes, it becomes brighter, more colorful!


At the stage photo session one shoot a small episode of your life, the event which a person has felt or which has happened in person’s life. It’s impossible to make oneself cry, to play the love without knowing what it is. It’s impossible to make you smile if you don’t want it.


What is necessary for the stage photo session?


For the stage photo session is very important mutual understanding between a photographer and a model. Discuss you ideas with the photographer because he/she will have to realize them. Decide in what genre you want to have your photo session. Maybe you want to create some scenes from your favorite movie. Having decided on the genre, chose clothes, accessories.


A stage photo session is one of the most creative agreement between a model and a photographer. A stage photo session in Dubai with a talented and professional photographer Galina Plevako will be a bright, unique and exciting event. What can be better then a photo session in amazing place on the Earth – Dubai?



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