Studio photo session in Dubai

Studio photo session in Dubai


What is a studio photo session? A studio photo session is an amazing adventure which is full of unique images, which will leave lasting and bright impressions and you will remember them with pleasure while watching photos with your family.


A studio photo session in Dubai is an opportunity to photograph the moment showing your feelings, emotions… this is a thing which will leave nice memory about the days spent in amazing place, this is an opportunity to create the whole range of original, unique and at the same time natural photos which show your individuality… and probably vice versa this is an opportunity to forget usual frames which restrict you in your everyday life , to change oneself, to become a person you have always dreamt to be…


Advantages of the studio photo session:

-           a studio photo session doesn’t depend on weather changes;

-           lack of unnecessary light;

-           and the main point is the comfort.

Lack of strangers, a lot of people are ashamed of showing their emotions at strangers but in the studio one can relax, look and feel comfortable and naturally.


A studio photo session demands of the photographer special skills. In the studio the photographer can emphasize movement, advantages of your appearance or hide some figure defects, show certain details, create an enigma, special atmosphere.


A professional photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako has her own photo studio, where there are all necessary props and equipment for high-quality photo session. One can remember such things for the studio photo session to be successful:

- to discuss in advance with a photographer an image, a topic of your photo session, necessary props. Probably you will need a professional stylist. Think over in advance your hairstyle, make-up;

- you shouldn’t be late, you’d better come a little bit early the time fixed, you can relax, set yourself to rights;

- don’t worry, a photographer is the same person as you. You can discuss any images with the photographer and she will help you with pleasure.

- try to have a good sleep before your photo session.

- if you plan to have different images during the photo session it’s better to have neutral color nail polish.

- think over your clothes, accessories, shoes. Pay attention to your underwear, it should be flesh-colored and it shouldn’t be tight.


So, you are already in the studio! Relax, enjoy the photo session, trust the professional photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako and you will see the photos which show advantageously  your appearance, individuality and charm which is inherent you!

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