Wedding photo session in Dubai

Wedding photo session in Dubai: time, please, stop!

Autumn is a traditional season of weddings. This is the time when the service of the professional photographer in Dubai becomes more claimed, because a lot of newlyweds prefer to spend their honeymoon trip in exotic countries and of course they prefer to have a wedding photo session in the UAE. What are wedding photos? These are minutes of happiness, hope and love which will stay in your photos forever.

A story of a new family, for many couples, this year, began with a wedding photo session in Dubai. All couples are different: age, professions, values of life, characters but during their family life, some years later, there comes the unique feeling of unity. It gives rise with the first joint photo session. And in many years, looking through wedding photos, two loving hearts plunge, again and again, into that emotions which they have experienced long ago.

Wedding photo session: the art to convey emotions

The possibilities of equipment and computer arrangement allow the photographer to be a real master. However, in spite of all photographers aren’t restricted to chose graphic means and phototechnique, there are few of talented wedding photographers.

The ability to show bright emotions is a talent which can’t be shown just with the camera. All photos of Galina Plevako, which you can see in her portfolio on the site, differ by their bright energy! Colorful landscapes of the Emirates, the play of light and tones, plastique and emotions, it revives in the photo.

Every photo session of Galina Plevako is a small story, which is necessary to be shown maximum beautiful. The task of the photographer is very difficult: a photographer have to feel not only couple’s mood but also their character, tastes and to create for them an exclusive “story”. Different foreshortenings, different emotions unite and are shown in the photo even in many years… But it happens just when the photographer is a really talented.


Autumn wedding photo session in Dubai

If you choose good time for wedding photo session in the Emirates, it’s better to choose autumn months. During this time the temperature is moderate – 29 – 33 degrees during the day, and the tourists, whose summer holidays have already finished, are few.

This is the best time for honeymoon trip, which can be combined with a photo session with the professional photographer in Dubai, Galina Plevako. All her photos differ by their special author’s style, they show photographer’s experience and talent, they give an opportunity to extend happy minutes of the holiday for a long time.

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